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Luncheon Meat
There are now four types of Van den Eynde luncheon meat available. A lot has changed since anglers popped into their local corner shop, bought the nearest tin of luncheon meat and proceeded to put huge cube on a big hook for a carp or chub. Now, Van den Eynde have four varieties of luncheon meat especially for fishing- strawberry, pellet, nice'n' spicy and mussel and shrimp. The meat is a perfect texture with no gristle and can be used various ways. First, remove it from the easy-open tin.
Then either…

  • Slice and cut into cubes;
  • Slice and pass through a 1/4inch groundbait riddle for hookbait;
  • Slice and pass through a fine maggot riddle for feeding;
  • Slice and use a large punch to create different/sized pieces.
  • Tear of pieces for uneven/sized hookbait. You'll find the meat stays on the hook brilliantly.

Van den Eynde sweetcorn is produced to a human grade standard using only the finest and sweetest corn kernels available. Contains no artificial preservatives or chemical/toxic substances. Suitable for all coarse fish: carp, bream, tench etc.

  • Super-sweet human grade corn
  • Specially selected grain size
  • Perfect hooking qualities
  • Loose feed or mix with groundbait

For the best presentation, always hook your corn so the hook shows from the fleshy, grain end of the kernel. To hook two pieces of corn, slide your first piece up the line as shown, then attach the second piece, sliding the first kernel back down the line onto the hook so the two kernels are just touching.

NOTE: This method of attachment allows you to cast as hard as you like without fear of the hookbait flying off.



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