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Liquid Additives

Liquid AdditivesStrawberry A sweet additive for summer fishing. Spray it onto groundbaits or hook bait. Much loved by big roach.

Molasses Many top bream anglers swear by Liquid Molasses for added attraction to groundbait. Sweet and sugar-based.

Brasem A sweet, caramel flavour and aroma makes this Liquid Brasem a perfect summer additive to any bream groundbait.

Pellet Brilliant for carp, Van Den Eynde Liquid Pellet can be squirted onto baits and grounbaits or used as part of a paste mix.

Other liquid additives...corn, cheese, meat, green lipped mussel, scopex, tutti frutti, worm & predator plus

Powdered Additives

Powdered additives can be used with both groundbait and loosefeed to give you an edge.

Brasem Additive


A favourite for bream over many years, Brasem is most effective when added to mixed groundbait in small doses. Also available in white. Photo. Vanille…… Vanille Similar to Brasem but with a more subtle aroma. Useful to add extra flavour to a carp groundbait.



Top match anglers rate Venkel as a brilliant additive to maggots. Use instead of maize. Degreases and flavours.



Formerly called Steranijas, this is largely ground fennel seeds. Great as a roach additive to maggots and hemp.



There's a lot of dried blood in this additive. Much loved by tench, eels and other bottom feeders. Add to groundbait.

Strawberry Additive


Colour as well as flavour with this pink additive that is particularly effective for roach. Add a little punch crumb when punch bread fishing.

 Pigeon Sh*t

Pigeon Sh*t

Mark Pollard Pigeon Sh*t Britain's top canal squat angler Mark Pollard always uses Pigeon as part of his groundbait mix…. I don't know what it is about Van Den Eynde Pigeon that makes it so attractive to roach. But I do know that since I've been using it as part of my canal groundbait, my catches have increased on many venues.. It's made from the dried droppings of racing pigeons fed on only the best-quality seeds, so what goes in one end comes out from the other in finely ground form. As an addition to groundbait, it releases lots of oils and also adds a lot of cloud effect to the groundbait. I use it with Supercup, Supermatch and Crushed Hemp, always riddling after mixing.

Coconut & Molases

Coconut Molasses…

Coconut Molasses Anglers who prefer powdered additives, but want to add something very sweet to their groundbait, should take a look at Coconut Molasses. Not only is this additive very sweet, it also serves as a gentle binder to groundbait. Some anglers use it neat with a little water added in open end feeder, while others use it as part of a groundbait mix.

p.v.1 Collant

PV1 Collant

A sweet binder made with a lot of fine brown sugar, PV1 Collant is designed primarily as binder to groundbait, but it also adds a lot of sweetness to a mix making it ideal for summer fishing and for bream in particular. Take care when you mix it into a groundbait, adding water a little at the time until the desired texture is achieved.

Dry Leem Shakers

Dry Leam Shakers Van den Eynde dry leams come in three colours, all available in handy shakers. The best known is grey leam which is the heaviest of the three and best used to bind jokers together for feeding, or for stiffening groundbaits in small amounts. Black leam is very, very fine and forms a spreading cloud in clear water, while red leam also clouds but sinks a little faster.


Damp Leam & Damp Leam Black

Alan Scotthorne Alan Scotthorne rates damp leams as a vitally important constituent to many of his groundbait mixes. A lot of people are confused about damp leam, because it's heavy and it's clay, they assume that it holds a ball of groundbait together for ages. That's not true at all. What damp leam does is make a groundbait much heavier to go down quickly, but as long as it's mixed correctly - not too wet - the ball of groundbait will then break up fairly quickly once it's on the bottom. I always use damp leam on deep swims for feeding the bottom, often with brown crumb for bream, and World Champion for its sticky texture. Always add damp leam at the end of the mixing process, and riddle.

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